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that was hurt in this early morning fire is the landlord of this five unit apartment complex. the fire broke out here in his front unit where as you can see firefighters had quite a bit of work to do this morning as they pulled out debris. this is some of the degree that was pulled out. this call came in just about midnight. the fire was burning here on acton street. firefighters say when they got here they saw a man suffering from smoke inhalation and minor burns. he was trying to put the fire out himself with a hose. as flamesser to through his apartment neighbors heard him screaming for help. one woman described what he heard and did. >> i just heard some popping sounds and then i heard him yelling call 911. and so that's what i did. >> reporter: the chief out here told ktvu this fire at this point doesn't appear to be suspicious. there will of course be an investigation to figure out exactly how it started. a neighbor says the man who was injured in this fire has lived here in this apartment for decades. now because of the heavy damage to the unit, he will be looking for another place to liv
with residential developmental units that will bring a lot of activity here. >> the developers who now own pete's harbor plan to build a 411 unit apartment complex with private boat slips. >>> the water is back on for people in berkeley after crews repaired a broken water line overnight. the east bay utility district says a eight inch line ruptured just about 5:00. 32 customers were effected but service has been restored. >> good for them. >>> time now 5:06. sal is here. he's watching all of the commute but you are starting in the east bay. >> that is right. we're look agent the east bay freeways. 80 is one of the big workhorses there on 80 coming in. that's one of the busiest freeways early and people are on the road getting down to the toll plaza. there are no major problems at the toll plaza but you will see this commute getting busier later. right now it does look pretty good driving into san francisco. also the morning drive livermore valley that looks good driving over. if you there are driving to the peninsula 101 and 280 are off to a nice start. let's do to steve. >> thank you, sal. >>>
to the side you can see there is quite a few units that are in here. apparently according to his family he had been here for just a week visiting from weed california where he lives and grew up. he just turned 17 four days ago. and it was out here. his family members say they just checked in on him because of trouble around the apartment and they heard gunshots. this all happened about 12:15 this morning. police told us in a news conference that wrapped up in the last half hour that they got out here they started rendering aid to the victim. someone was already trying to help him when they arrived. paramedics did pronounce him dead at the scene. he has four siblings and one of them or a couple of them just talked to us. here's what one of his sister's had to say. >> it happened for nothing. it happened for absolutely nothing. i know it happened for nothing. basically somebody got the wrong thing. got him confused. >> reporter: again taking a live look back at the scene. his family members say they are obviously extremely upset. they're still trying to make sense of what happened. he's had trou
see police officers are out in front of this residence and you can see a light is on in that unit on the first floor. officers are going up and down to process this scene. i want to direct your attention to the front of the building because i want to show you video we took with the last 20 minutes. there is a knife left and that's the first thing crime scene investigators took when they got here. they measured it took video of it and took it after putting it in a paper bag. they say an officer responded this morning to a home invasion and what they say is 5 black men all in their 20s robbed and took electronic devices. nobody was hurt, there were a group of adults inside that unit at the time when this happened and again at this point, what they are doing right now is going through the evidence and going through the scene and trying to put the pieces together as they continue to search for the people responsible. residents out here are surprised by this, they are waking up this morning trying to figure out what is going on certainly shocked by this invasion. claudine wong, ktvu ch
and turning colder, there could be splash and -- showers and lows will be definitely brisk. >>> united airlines is the first to raise fares. united increased all of its domestic fares and so far only air canada have mapped it. usually low cost carriers such as jet blue don't match it and prices drop back to the airlines. they have made 15 attempts and only a few are stuck. >>> many pilots are reaching the federally mandated age of 65 and it's also happening just as it is getting harder for younger pilots to step into the cockpit and new experience and rest rules go into effect in august. >>> there are reports of two big bitters to buy names and trademarks. mexico based bill bowie makes thomass english muffins makes tasty cakes and nature's own bread. >>> he is accused of mass murder but will he go on trial. why they may depend on testimony in court later today. >>> plus sealing the deal for meals. and more on san francisco public schools, we will have more. stay with us. . >>> all right, time now 5:54 two men are charged with the deadly shootings of two teenage girls in oakland. they a
action target being the united states. >>> some 0 who live near the sikh temple are fed up with the traffic and people parking illegally during prayer services and who'll taser. they say the amount will almost double in size. >>> fortunately the water main break is not affecting sir frances drake? >> no, obviously if you live in- mile-per-hour you might see some activity but it's not affecting them. this commute looks good so far on 880 westbound and it is still wet from overnight rain and showers we had. so you might want to if i have your of more and no major problems there. if you are driving in fremont, across the peninsular it is a nice looking drive on the san mateo bridge. 5:08 let's go to rosemary orozco. >>> how are you this morning, it is time to perhaps ditch that umbrella. moving to the south, we have some rain falling over salina and here at home we are mainly dry and i do see a few sprinkles over highway 101 between morgan hill, san martin down into gilroy and aside from that, we are dealing with the possibility of wraparound moisture coming our way. with all
strain of norovirus is spending here in the united states. the center for disease control says the so-called sydney norovirus strain from australia has caused outbreaks here. symptoms include vomiting, other flu like symptoms. washing your hands can help. >>> it looks like senior officials have tonged a big bullet. the district attorney has announced charges won't be tiled after allegations they hid millions of dollars in state funds. the funding scandal came as the state threatened to close 70 parks because of budget cuts. but the da office said it would be hard to prove any criminal wrong doing. >>> time is 5:15. football fans are talking about two brothers both head coaches facing each other in the super bowl. now the harbaugh family is giving the media even more to talk about following a conference call. that story coming up at 5:25. >>> a bay area billion area may try to keep the seattle group from buying the sacramento kings. oracle ceo larry ellison is expected to meet with sacramento mayor kevin johnson about the team according to the sacramento bee. we know ellison is interes
of that burning apartment. it's the second story unit here at this complex in hayward. you can see a lot of damage from the outside. this was an elderly woman who suffered from burns and smoke inhalation. after this fire started about 9:30 or so inside theout. we're right in her second and e street. crews on scene told us it was a fairly small kitchen fire to begin with. as crews made their way through the unit, they found this woman inside and she was unresponsive at the time. firefighters did say they were able to get a pulse on this woman once she was transported to the hospital. crews tell us this wasn't a large fire by any stretch that left this woman injured. >> we were able to extinguish the fire fairly quickly with an aggressive interior attack. we did find a victim within the home. they found him in the bedroom during a primary search. >> reporter: no one else aside from that woman was hurt in the fire. no firefighters injured here. that woman this morning is being treated at eden hospital. her condition is not being released but we are certainly working this morning to reach out to haywa
support. they have already taken over a big area of molly. >>> he is confident united states will not abandon his country after foreign troops leave the area next year. they will not repeat the mistake after the soviet pull out of afghanistan. the fighters who drove them out of afghanistan, once soviet troops were gone american support dried up and that was followed by the rise of the taliban and september 11th attacks by al qaeda which was using afghanistan as a place to hide. >>> a james tracy teaches communications in florida university. he suggested on his blog that the massacre at sandy hook elementary school did not happen the way law enforcement said it did or may not have happened at all. >> well, i think we need to as a society look at things more carefully. perhaps we as a society have been conditioned to be duped. >> tracy also suggested that actors were used to shape debate about gun control. she is upset that the comments caused more pain in newtown connecticut and that the professor spoke as a private citizens and not as a representative of the school. >>> tracy
and they blame the norovirus. >>> and they are now following the lead of the united states when it comes to the troubled dreamliner jet. just hours ago, a european agency has announced they are growing jets because of safety concerns. president barack obama is expected to face an uphill battle to get his gun control ideas approved by congress. he needs the american public to put pressure on lawmakers to counteract all the influence of gun lobbyists. >>> new this morning, the international committee is stripping lance armstrong of his title and the bike racing star spend years sprungly -- strongly denying he ever took performance enhancing drugs. he came clean in an interview with oprah whimphrey which airs tonight. >>> he is the victim of a sick joke. last year the linebacker announced he was inspired from a girlfriend who died of leukemia in but they now say it was all a hoax. he forged a fake name and conspired with others to trick him into believing she died tragically. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand. >> a sports
was the hottest year in the united states on record. the national climatic record says the average temperature last year is just over 55 degrees. that is wonderful degree warmer than the last record in 1998. >>> the increases are happening a lot faster than expected and global warming and natural weather variations are to blame. >>> the national institute of health finds adult who drink more than 4 cans of soda have a greater risk of depression than those who done consume soda at all. it's still unknown how the drinks affect overall mental health. >>> same sex couples will soon be able to get married in washington d.c. it is the next step towards marriage equality. it is one of the nation's most prominent churches and it's used to celebrate new presidents. >>> is now a good time to use 280? >> it is and as a matter of fact we have been watching the south bay, it's a good time to get on the road and northbound 280 looks good getting up to 217. and on the sunole grade, passed mission all the way to the bottom of the hill there are no major problems as you drive down. let's go back to the desk. >
units were among those paying service in roseville. he was an officer with the police department for three and a half years and also served as military police in the u.s. army. >>> in just about an hour, they will release a report for existing home sales but bay area home prices jumped 15% for all of last year. they also expect prices to go up another 10% in alameda counties and that's good news for sellers and for people who oh more than the home is currently worth. >>> and soaring bay area rents may finally be slowing down according to the consulting group real facts. average rents in san francisco were nearly unchanged in the last year. they declined slightly in the west bay and they may account for some of that leveling off. >>> they are tearing down parts of 280. the idea is from king street to at&t park. and the highway would be replaced by street level boulevard and that would create open space for a new neighborhood and could facility the high speed rail. right now no formal plans have been made. >>> coming closer to 6:00 and that means some of the areas could be getting
would have brought 369 high density affordable units to the northern part of town. >> i am concerned that putting more people in the neighborhood, it will put hundreds more cars on the road. >> the council decided to rethink its plan and they will come up with locations and staff will try to figure out how they will repair schools. >>> that was the tower which was damaged when an oil tanker grazed it while heading out to sea in dense fog. here is a look at pictures when construction got underway and a huge crane acted as the on-site repair for the headquarters on the huge barge. >> we will know as the project continues. >> that is scheduled to take 90 days but the project could be completed earlier depending on the weather. >>> few people voiced their concerns as they pushed for tazers. members listened to concerns at the recreation center last night and they are pushing for a pilot program to arm 100 officers with prevention programs. community members still say they are dangerous. >> tazers do have dangers, they do kill people and we know they kill people. >> members of the commiss
in the middle of the night. those are factors we have to take into account and we have the arson unit in route to do further investigation. >> reporter: what about the window, is that also peculiar. do we know if the flames caused that. >> we really can't determine if the flames cause it or if it was broken prior to the fire. if that was the case it tends toward a suspicious event. that's what arsonists will delve into, was that broken by the heat of the fire or by a perpetrator. >> reporter: thank you so much captain mike with the san jose fire department. they're going to be on the scene for next couple of hours. arson investigators have not arrived. we did speak to an employee of the club who says this is very upsetting and really want more answers. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 5:32. power is out in front of a san francisco street after a hit- and-run crush. claudine wong live on townsend street where a driver hit a power poll just a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: that's right, dave and police searching for that driver. but i just talked to pg
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